12 Unique Ways to Humanize Your Social Media Marketing

When you think about marketing, one of the first things that come to mind is social media.

Although social media seems like one of the cheapest ways to push your business to the world, you still need to know the tricks to the game.

First, you must understand that social media operates better as a two-way conversation.

No one wants to have a conversation with a robot.

For this reason, you must put a face to your business’s social media page. It’s pertinent that you show them the human side of you in your posts and interactions.


Why Do You Need to Humanize?

  • Brand Identity

Humanizing social media helps people see your brand as a person and not a name. By so doing, you show emotions, sympathy, excitement, and all other human feelings through your posts. It also helps your followers engage better and build interest in the services or products you offer/sell.


  • Tells Your Brand Story

Humanizing embraces the storytelling approach, which is one of the numerous ways humans communicate. Sharing your brand’s story helps you create an environment that makes people feel comfortable to express their ideas and opinions. It is a perfect way to build a connection with your audience. So, if your brand is well humanized on social media, using the storytelling style in your adverts would yield a good result.


  • Create Connection

Since social media is a good tool for relationship building, it allows you to create a good connection with your target audience. But this would not be easy if you run a faceless business. So on this note, you must make your audience feel like they’re talking with a human by creating real conversation with them.


How to Humanize Your Social Media Marketing?

Many brands already know why they need to humanize. However, a lot of them don’t know how to, while others think that they are already doing it.

If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, not to worry; this article will help you figure out how to humanize your social media marketing in 12 unique ways.

So, keep reading.

  1. Be Real

Projecting professionalism is ideal and essential for promoting your brand, but it can also be less engaging. That is why you need to add a touch of your personality and balance the two.

Show the audience your true self. Let them see the activities you do asides from work.

Display photos of you in your elements, be it traveling, giving back to the community, visitations, and others. But make sure you are never out of line because nothing ever gets deleted from the internet.

So, whatever you post must be appropriate because it will be there forever.


  1. Show Your Team

Taking your audience behind the scenes to meet with your team members and other people that make up your brand is a good move.

Share inspiring stories about your brand team members and their accomplishments. Display pictures, videos, and experience you and your team share at work or off work. People will love to see birthday celebrations, outings, and other leisure activities that project your brand’s loyalty to its team.

Doing this can increase your audiences’ willingness to connect with your brand and everyone attached to it.


  1. Use Humor

Don’t be too serious. Social media is not a room for board meetings.

You should loosen up a bit and let in some humor and laughter elements. Adopting a sense of humor should not make you lose your focus.

Keep the three factors of using humor in mind. They are fun, information, and control.

However, funny posts should pass information and not hurt people. Try not to direct your humor to any person or brand. Using humor effectively in your post will increase engagement and later convert to sales.


  1. Interact with Audience/Followers

Build a solid human relationship by interacting with your audience and followers. Avoid automated messages and respond to comments directly using the persons’ name and even emojis.

Using third-party language and industry slang all the time can be a huge turn-off for your audience. Social media is beneficial to you because it allows you to interact with your audience and get live feedback.

Hence, use this tool to your advantage to get closer to your audience.  You can use this relationship to serve them better and earn their trust.


  1. Don’t Just Sell

Stop posting like a marketer. It gets boring if all you post is about advertising your product, packages, or services. Create interesting dialogues with your followers. Talk about social issues sometimes, gather their opinions, and create a talk table. This way, they will feel that they are talking to real humans.

Address your audience as your friends and not your customers. Understand that your audience is tired of hard sells—a soft-sell approach with enriching information that indicts the genuine interest of your audience.


  1. Express Gratitude

Show gratitude and celebrate your wins, no matter how little. Point out those that support you and how they helped you reach your goal. Appreciate your followers. Let them feel their impact on your success. This rare recognition will draw them closer to your brand and business emotionally.


  1. Acknowledge Mistakes

Robots can’t admit their mistakes. Rather, it is a human quality to acknowledge mistakes.

Since social media is a two-way conversational system, you will get negative and positive feedback from your audience. Hence, don’t get upset if your company makes a mistake in things such as delivery and the audience relay negative feedback.

Instead, show that you are remorseful, own up to your mistake, and create measures to correct the incidence to avoid future reoccurrence.

This attitude demonstrates that you value your customers, and you’re always listening.


  1. Unique Brand Tone and Voice

Build a defined brand personality by using a unique voice and tone. Developing this uniqueness shouldn’t include curse words and ambiguous professional terminologies.

Your brand’s character is more than choosing a logo or color. It is expressing your brand as humanly as possible.

If it was a human being, what would it eat or drink? Who are his friends? What will he say in a particular situation? What does he do during the holidays?

All these are essential in building brand personality, tone, and voice. But it must never be overdone.


  1. Transparency

Communicate honesty with your social media posts.

Use live and genuine pictures of your products and services. Reduce edited images to build trust in the mind of your audience. Share all relevant details related to your mission and values. Connect them to relatable stories, explain the ‘why’, and talk about the things that fuel your mission and strategies.

Transparency always creates more likeness in the hearts of people.


  1. Embrace Storytelling

Tell your brand story. Storytelling is one of the best approaches to capture your audience. Many brands are using this intelligent approach to gain more audience and trends on social media.

Although, it shouldn’t always be your brand story. You can tell them stories on relatable happenings and things that will spring up their reactions.


  1. Practice What You Preach

Many brands are guilty of preaching quality but delivering low-quality posts. You don’t need to do 24/7 posting via automation to engage your audience.

Avoid all forms of automated messages and posts. Your social media comments should not be all ‘Thank you’s.’

Invest in your team members and train them to deliver quality.

Avoid restrictive social media policies and let your employees be free to engage people on social media. This way, you will improve their creativity, and your brand’s digital personality can be positively affected. You claim to be one of the best companies providing quality service, so you must be who you say you are and practice what you preach.


  1. Plan and Strategize

Don’t jump into social media marketing blindly without a plan. This action plan must include a proper understanding of your target audience, what they would find engaging, and how to attract them.

Skipping this step will lead to a waste of resources and less engagement. Proper planning will also help you determine which social media platform is best for reaching your target audience.

Ultimately, strive to plan, strategize, and execute as quickly as possible because social media moves fast.


Final Thoughts

How have you been humanizing your social media?

So far, can you say that your audience is well engaged with your posts? If not, take a step back and strategize.

Evaluate your past actions and figure out where you missed them. Then, adopt these unique ways to humanize social media marketing. Social media is social for a reason. Use these ways to make your audience feel like they are part of your brand.

Showing your human qualities will make you likable and help you stand out. It will also allow you to build profitable connections and meaningful relationships. There is some humanity in business because humans are operating it. Staying robotic is a red flag.

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